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What to expect

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We believe that there are many different ways to do deliverance. There is renunciation, curse breaking, non-confrontational and confrontational deliverance. We also believe that there is more than just the demonic realm. There is the realm of the fallen angels which the Bible calls thrones and dominions, principalities and powers. These are addressed in the realm of prayer through the court room of God. We believe that demons are spirits without bodies and are the nephilim and that the fallen angels were already there before the Garden of Eden when darkness was on the surface of the deep. Demons look to possess bodies of mankind whereby fallen angels seek to control the minds of mankind.


Inner healing is an important part of the healing and deliverance ministry. It is dealing with the emotional traumas experienced in life that cause a person to fragment on many different levels even unto multiple personality disorder. Signs for a need for inner healing also occur on many different levels ranging from unforgiveness to emotional issues all the way to blackouts. Inner Healing is allowing Jesus to heal your broken heart, soul and spirit so that you are whole again.


Divine healing is part of the atonement, like deliverance and inner healing. We believe everyone has a right to be healed because it is the children’s bread. There are many different ways people are healed, for example, spirits of infirmity need to be removed due to sickness that is passed on through the generations, anointing people with oil and the prayer of faith, standing on God’s promises for divine healing and taking God’s promises as medicine. In divine healing there are points of contacts such as the laying on of hands or the one who needs healing reaching out and touching the minister who is moving in healing. There is corporate faith, individual faith and the minister’s faith that will also release healing. Healing can come through worship and it can also come from a direct command. We also believe that sickness is from the devil. It may be direct or indirect from the devil, but based on the life and ministry of Jesus the source of sickness, disease and infirmity is from the devil. We believe the 39 stripes that Jesus bore covers every sickness and disease and infirmity that mankind will ever experience.


We believe that there are many levels to the prophetic ministry. There are world and national prophets, there are regional prophets, there are prophets for the assembly and then there is prophecy for the saints. The higher levels of the prophetic office encourage nations or rebuke nations. The prophecy for the saints is for edification, exhortation and consolation. It is to edify the church. Prophecy comes through dreams, visions in the mind, seeing words or sentences or pictures or hearing God’s voice through unction, thought or the still small voice that sounds like someone is behind you talking to you.


We believe that every believer in Christ Jesus is called to intercede the will of the Father through the utterances of the Holy Spirit as described in Romans 8:26. We believe that the command that the Lord of Hosts gives us in Jeremiah 9:20 to teach our daughters to lament and our neighbor a dirge is for today.


We believe every Christian has spiritual gifts and has been designed to walk in at least one up to all nine gifts. We also believe the gifts of the Spirit must be taught. Further, we believe the gifts of the Spirit must be ministered from the fruits of the Spirit.